Artist Statement

Artist Statement

I am inspired by the continuous changing beauty of the landscape and seascape, resulting from the effect that the elements in the atmosphere have on nature. When I start a painting, I have no preconceived idea of what that painting will be, and suddenly an image starts to develop, and I know that this is my subject. I then expound on it.

I am fascinated by the strength of the mountains, the power of the sea, and the changing colors of the landscape with the seasons. All of this I capture in my mind’s eye, to be expressed later through my painting.

When I began my education at Parson’s School of Design in New York City at fourteen years old, and for many years of art education thereafter, it was only the traditional method of painting that was emphasized. Having learned the strict basic principles of painting well, enabled me to gain the confidence to deviate into more experimental and imaginative ways of  expressing my mediums.

My paintings evolved with a more contemporary Asian quality, resulting from many years of study of Japanese and Chinese art, which I integrated with the concepts of Western art.

The philosophy of the ancient Oriental scholars, was that the soul was the basis of true expression, and from the soul the image progresses to the mind, to the hand, and subsequently to the brush. Respecting this philosophy, I was impelled to have greater freedom in my work. My work has evolved from the more traditional to the contemporary. It is important to explore my medium in both watercolor as well as oil painting to it’s fullest potential.Precise representation of my subject is not important, but the true expression emanating from my mind and soul and capturing the essence is paramount.

I have been a professional artist for 40 years, having exhibited in the United States,Europe and Canada, and am included in many corporate and private collections. I am listed in Who’s Who of the WorldWho’s Who of America, Who’s Who of the South and Southwest, and Who’s Who of American Women.