University New Mexico Cancer Center

University New Mexico Cancer Center in Albuquerque

Judith Kingsley is intimately familiar with the anguish of losing those you love to cancer. She has faced the loss of two husbands and two daughters to the disease, yet she is a model of perseverance, courage and faith in the face of personal tragedy. Kingsley’s oil painting, Sun Breaking Through, captures the breathtaking moment when the sun parts the clouds and shines its healing light. She believes cancer patients live this moment all the time, moving through dark days to the promise of the sun’s return.

During the difficult years one of her daughters battled cancer, there were days when Kingsley would feel incredibly depressed. When she started painting, however, her spirits lifted. She recently encountered a quote that she believes explains why: “Art is the knowledge of mind and soul.”  This can be true for appreciative viewers, too. “I hope that if a person’s soul is involved when they view the painting and is uplifted by its spiritual quality, then my efforts have brought healing and I have been personally rewarded, as well,” says Kingsley. “I will have been doing God’s work.”