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Profile of the Month: Judith Kingsley
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You can’t miss Judith Kingsley. This sophisticated New Yorker knows how to make an impression in person and on canvas.

“You have to have vitality in a painting,” says Judith of her gorgeous landscapes and seascapes. Her Snow Birds is lush with blues, whites, and silver; while The Silent World is a stark landscape presenting the beautiful bleakness of a winter day.

“I want viewers to see something in my paintings that reminds them of a place they’ve been or would like to be,” says the artist. “I read something that said that art is the knowledge of mind and soul. Everyone has the gift of creativity in whatever field it is applied.”  What makes creative people creative? “All artists, whether they are sculptors, dancers, musicians, or painters, strive for the same principles: balance, color, focal point, rhythm, originality, meaning, and beauty.”

There is a depth to Judith Kingsley’s work that speaks to more than just talent. It was art that saved Judith’s heart when she lost both of her cherished daughters to breast cancer. “I would go to the studio and focus on the canvas,” she explains. “For a few hours, painting brought me peace.”  Her piece, Sun Breaking Through, hangs University New Mexico Cancer Center in Albuquerque and is dedicated to her daughters, Ellen Kingsley and Melinda Kingsley. Ellen, who was an investigative journalist and producer for CBS in Washington, D.C., was awarded six Emmys and more than 50 prestigious journalism awards. Melinda Kingsley was a talented illustrator who worked in New York City.  “This painting, Sun Breaking Through, has a lot of relevance. It is a painting of hope for the patient because, in the painting, the lot of relevance. It is a painting of hope for the patient because, in the painting, the sun comes out brilliantly.”

Judith, who married “two magnificent men” – Ted Kingsley, a well-respected New York builder, and John Fitting Jr., Dreyfus Corporation president and pioneer of no-load mutual funds – was widowed in 1964 and again in 1997.  The sorrow is obvious; her memories fantastic. “These were kind men; men with great character. I was truly blessed.”

Judith Kingsley is the designer of exclusive high-end greeting cards. They are sold in upscale bookstores, greeting card shops, museum shops, and exclusive department stores.

To produce her cards, Judith uses prints of her various landscapes and embellishes the prints with glitter, gold leaf, and Swarovski crystals. Yes, her one-of-a-kind cards definitely feature the “Kingsley sparkle.” Each card is a perfect work of art and of love. “The most important thing to me, as an artist, is that they are appreciated.”

Now living in the third largest art market in the country, Judith Kingsley says she “enjoys Santa Fe for its beauty, culture, healing quality, and the people.” The artist, who has survived much, suggests that we learn to “appreciate the here and now. We’re always either looking forward or back. We need to appreciate the gifts that we have and the God-given beauty all around us. That will make you a very fulfilled person. That’s contentment.”

Judith Kingsley

Residence:  Santa Fe, New Mexico

Car you Drive: 1986 Jaguar. I hope to keep it forever!

Recent or current book you thought was a great read: “The Diana Chronicles” by Tina Brown. It is an interesting portrayal of Royal Family life and the conflicts Diana endured.

Dream vacation: I love visiting
New York City – it gives me an opportunity to see friends and experience a change of pace.

Favorite food(s): Anything and everything I eat at Geronimo, a restaurant on Canyon in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Favorite Movie: My favorite movie is definitely “Gone with the Wind”. I have watched it about 20 times and cry each and every time. It is a classic for all time.

Favorite pastime(s): Being with my friends, playing tennis and golf, piloting a boat, and walking my dog Dandy.




For more information on Judith Kingsley, who has been a professional artist for 40 years, please see www.judithkingsleyart.com.

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